How to not let Stress & Anxiety affect your work

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Michelle Obama once said, ‘Whether an illness affects your heart, your brain or your leg, it’s still an illness, and there should be no distinction’

Those days are well behind us when talking about mental health/mental illness was a taboo and something strictly done behind the doors. People have evolved and accepted that mental health, just like physical health is something you should take care of without feeling guilty or feeling like you will be judged by society.

Anxiety and Stress is a reality a lot of people live with. The person may not talk about it openly or even seem as he/she is okay on the outside, but inside the person may be dealing with a mixture of confusing emotions that do not make sense to even the individual dealing with them.

Thanks to the steady eradication of the stigma around mental health, people are now more comfortable seeking/asking for professional help.

Dealing with Anxiety and/or stress at work can be overwhelming. You do not want to let anything affect your work and your productivity but sometimes things seem to get out of hand. We understand that and are here for you. After careful studying, we have managed to come up with these simple steps that will help you deal with these emotions better:

Identify your triggers:

First step to managing your anxiety is to identify what moments/situations do you feel it building. Multiple situations can be a cause to you feeling a certain way and the only way you can deal with those emotions is if you first understand what is causing it. If you are having difficulty pinpointing the triggers, try journaling, writing down about your day, as it has been said that writing about your day helps you look at certain situations from a different perspective.

Take out time to rest your brain:

Take short breaks between your work, focus on that amazing cup of chai or a get-together with your friends during the week. Create space for positive thoughts to increase positive emotions that will help reduce your anxiety/stress.

Me-time is Important:

Incorporating healthy activities in your daily routine can help a great deal. Even if it is that 30 mins jog you do in the morning or an unwinding gym-session post work can do wonders. Try distancing yourself from work during the weekends to indulge in things you enjoy, be it reading the book that you’ve been wanting to complete for a while, or just catching up with friends.

Find your heaven at work:

Finding heaven at work can turn out to be really helpful. Even if it is a particular seat at the cafeteria or a spot near the window by the coffee machine. Having space to yourself even for a few minutes can manage to calm your nerves on a particularly stressful day.

Confide in a co-worker:

Anxiety may be common but that in no way means you have to deal with it alone. A lot of workplaces are open to discussion about stress management.

Anxiety and stress may never go away completely, but with medical help, you can learn how to deal with it in a much better and healthier way. Avoiding certain emotions can only end up worsening them, realizing you need help and asking for is a sign of bravery. 

That is it for today folks. See you on our next blog, Until then, Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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