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TRADITIONAL WITH A SIDE OF MODERN TWIST – Why every company should have behaviour-based interview questions

Behavioural Interview questions essentially help gain insight into how candidates handled past situations to learn more about their abilities to perform in a particular position

This category of questions are also known as STAR interview questions, where:

S – Situation

T – Task

A – Action

R – Result

Here, candidates are encouraged to describe the situation they were in, the task they had to accomplish, the actions they took to get it done, and the result of their work.

Now, one might wonder what is the reason behind such an evaluation. Surely one’s education and experience ought to be enough to decide whether he/she will be an asset for the organization. The thing with behavioural interview is that based on the insights that you can get from the examples given by the person from their past experiences, you can make a more informed decision.

Along with a person’s accolades, his personality, and his ability to deal with a multiple range of situations is very important to take into account. You want to have someone on your team who is not only a pro at what he/she does but also is able to work with a team no matter how contrasting their opinions might be. You want someone who is able to keep an open mind when it comes to ideas, and work methods.

Hence, we have listed down a few behavioral-based questions that you can incorporate during your interviews:

What was a recent stressful situation you had faced at work and how did you handle it?

Here you can get an insight into how a particular person handles a stressful situation, does he/she break-down the situation, evaluate it and then come to a solution, or do they work on pure instincts, tackling the situation headfirst, stepping up and making sure they tackle it by hook or by crook.

How have you prioritized when assigned to multiple projects?  

Everyone has their way of working, some people work only when they have everything organized, and some people find their way in the chaos. This gives you as an employer an insight to the person’s way of working.

Have you ever not been able to achieve a deadline? What did you do to tackle that situation?

Everyone has their ups and downs, what matters most is how you face them and what you learn from them. Based on the candidate’s answer you can get an idea of just that.

Did you ever have a conflict with your co-worker? How did you handle the situation?

When people with different personalities work together, conflicts are bound to arise, what matters is how you handle them. A most important quality in a candidate is that he/she is not only an amazing individual contributor but also a stellar team-player.

Give us an example of a time when you had to adapt to a big change in your work

Change is imperative, but change is also difficult. When you are used to having certain things a certain way, it is only natural that you may face difficulties in adapting to the new normal. However, for any professional, the ability to not only adapt to change but also flourish under it is very important.

We hope these questions help you in make an informed decision for your organization when you are having a new talent onboard. If you require any help in looking for this talent, then you have come to the best place! Head on to our website to get an idea of what we do, and what services we offer, we are happy to help!

See you on our next blog folks. Until then, Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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