Hiring for multiple job opportunities at various locations

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SKS is hiring for multiple career opportunities at various locations. Apply now to be able to land your dream job of 2020. Reach out to careers@krsrk.co.in

We operate in multiple segments and assist various companies in their recruitment search. So to land your dream job, then write to us and we will try our best to get you the best career opportunity of 2020. And the person who said that they are in their best job then they haven’t met us yet.

Kindly follow our social page for more such job openings –

Linkedin –  https://bit.ly/2uPALJI
Facebook –  https://bit.ly/36NzlwZ
Twitter –  https://bit.ly/2Ocm0aI
Instagram –  https://bit.ly/2uKje5Z

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