Know When It’s Time, To Resign

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How to determine when it’s time to move on /Resign from current workplace

know when to resign from current job

The only way to move forward, to reach a certain place (a professional milestone in this context) is when you leave your present situation behind.

When you start a new job, there is naturally a sense of excitement. You are thrilled with your job, love your work and are looking forward to undertaking new challenges and projects. But along the way something changes, it may not necessarily be something monumental, like a chain of disappointing days at work or even an incident that makes you angry. It just is this feeling of something being off, you start having questions about whether you are getting too comfortable and not challenging yourself enough. This. This is probably the beginning of the signs that it perhaps maybe a time for you to move onwards. Being stagnant does no good to anyone, Onwards and upwards always is the way to go.

Now, to clear things up, the answers to whether or not you should resign from your job needn’t be all black and white. A lot of factors come into play that leads to the decision, like:

Do you feel that your skills are being constantly developed and honed?

Do you feel like you are developing as a person and are more in tune with your abilities?

Do you feel appreciated as a part of the team?

Do you feel there is further growth for you in your current company?

If the answer is ‘not yes then perhaps it’s time to dive deeper into the situation. Following are the factors that we have listed down as signs you should recognize and analyze when you want to quit your job:

Analyze yourself first:

Have you been self-sabotaging? Have you been restraining yourself within your comfort zone and not diving into new things? If the answer to those questions is No, that you have done every possible thing to try and grow within your organization but have got nothing in return, then we can dive into all the other factors that you can analyse before making the decision to resign your job.

There is no advancement:

You find yourself being stuck in the same position with no or insignificant change regarding monetary growth or the responsibilities you get to handle. You start feeling like you are not being challenged anymore and have got all you possibly can from your current position. It has stopped being something you are passionate about and is just a 9-5 job to make your ends meet.

You start experiencing boredom and get a sense of monotony:

As mentioned earlier, when you stop being passionate about your work and it starts being a pattern of Sleep-Work-Stress-Repeat, it is time to step back. Routines can be comforting, yes, but when you cross the line into boredom territory, that is when you need to stop and reassess. Feeling drained, continuously watching the clock just to know when can you finally leave are all the red flags you should never ignore. Because when you are not motivated, you are not learning and growing.

A bad day, turns into a bad week, turns into a bad month:

Granted, everyone has an off day at work once in a while, but when you start feeling like each day is worse than the last and dread going to work, then there is no bigger of a red flag than that. When your job satisfaction changes to the worse with no hope of improvement, then maybe it’s time to start looking elsewhere.

Discussions regarding your growth are avoided:

When you initiate a conversation about your growth with your supervisor, it is shrugged off with a promise of visiting the same ‘in the future’. But that conversation never comes up again even after multiple attempts for it. There may be a proper reason behind it but if you are given no clear explanation as to why you got passed over for that promotion or a raise then you should realise it is most definitely never going to happen.

Always remember to make a level-headed and a well-informed decision because this is the matter of your career and there is absolutely no way you would want to take any hasty decision without going over everything. After considering all these elements if you feel that yes, you need to move on to something better, then don’t let anything come your way. Believe in yourself and as we said earlier, Onwards and Upwards you go!

That is it for today folks, see you on our next blog. Until then, Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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