Tips and Tricks to handle challenging client relationships.

‘The client is always right’

All of us have heard this, haven’t we? And we all have come across these people who fall in the category of being a ‘challenging client’. These clients are difficult to ignore, they are demanding, consistently critical of your work no matter what, behave poorly, try to micromanage, and are in general very difficult to please.

These may come across as people who always tend to make your life harder but in all the whirlwind of all these emotions, these are also the situations where you tend to do your best work.


So think of all these difficult clients and the encounters you had with them in a different way, think of them as perhaps the way to push yourself to your very best where you are no longer operating on auto-pilot but using all the skills you have in your arsenal with a side of emotional intelligence(very, very important) to dish out some of the very best work that you would be proud of.

Challenges will hit you every day, and it is up to you whether you take it in a positive or a negative stride. If you think about it, cursing the situation and the person will not only not help in any way but also add to the already high level of stress and anxiety. So for the sake of yourself and your mental well-being, take any challenge that may come in your way in the most positive stride.


Hence, here are a few tips and tricks to help you deal with these challenging situations with your demanding clients:


Discuss your Collaboration:


Discuss with your client about how you work, what way you think if adapted will bring forth the best results. Discuss the shared objectives you have for the project and set up a transparent and effective communication line. Regularly check with them regards to feedback and make sure they are as updated as possible. This builds a better relationship and ensures things go smoothly.


Build a relationship:


As mentioned earlier, building a relationship helps make sure things go about smoothly, so make sure you make an effort to know about your client’s world outside of work, share your hobbies and interests. Building a relationship helps bring trust and understanding in the collaboration.


Solid Communication:


Clients appreciate being updated on what’s going on, so make sure you offer regular updates and be proactive and even over-communicate if required, over communication does not always have to be bad. Listen to what they are saying and assure them their concerns are being heard and acted upon.


Know why they want, what they want:


Understanding the reason behind the client’s particular demands can help you alot. Know what drives them and it will help you cater better to their requirements. If your work is being criticized, instead of being defensive, ask questions and focus on how you can better meet the needs required.


Have compassion:


Often people’s bad behavior is the product of ongoing stress in their life. Do not take any comment personally, have compassion for people’s emotions but know that you needn’t take responsibility for it.


Cut yourself some slack:


If the client does not show appreciation, make sure at least you recognize and celebrate your wins. This is very important for your team’s morale. Always make sure to recognize your team’s hard work and appreciate it.


That is it for today folks, hope our tips and tricks prove to be helpful to you. See you on our next blog. Until then, Stay home, Stay Safe.

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