Tips and Tricks in managing multiple personalities at work

In your life, you are bound to encounter people with different dispositions and personalities that you, be it on a personal or professional front. The only difference is that in a work situation you cannot simply disengage yourself from a person with a different personality or even a different set of principles than you. We spend the majority of our day in a workplace environment, so it is imperative that one knows how to deal with different personalities so as to not disturb your peace of mind even when a particularly difficult situation arises.


Following are some tips and tricks on how you can deal with different personalities in the workplace:


Positive Approach, always..!


All of us have been in a situation where there has been office gossip. It’s human nature to engage in discussing the things going around and some tend to succumb to that way more than others. One might say a little office gossip is harmless but it is wise to not get involved in such interactions. However, when stuck in a situation where such interaction is unavoidable, try and skillfully redirect the conversation to something positive. Your topmost priority is to do your best and meet your goals, best not to let anything hinder that for you. Keep a non-judgmental attitude and keep doing your best work.


Stand your ground:


Some people tend to go out of their way to make everyone feel below them in quality of work or even by their stature at work. These are the people who usually don’t take suggestions and directions very well, and it seems like the quality of work they do also does not match what they portray. Such acquaintances, with massive egos, are not the ones to shy away from unnecessary arguments. Read the situation carefully and just have a non-judgmental response. Just focus on your work and let the situation work itself out. We completely stand against getting bullied but as it is said that you pick your battles, and sometimes not engaging in meaningless conversations is usually a wise decision.


Develop a thick skin:


It is very important that you not take everything too personally. Everyone goes through something or the other and most times it tends to reflect through their behavior. Remember that if ever you find yourself in a negative encounter or being surrounded by people with a negative attitude, remember it may not be directly about you. Take a step back, analyze the situation and if you feel that you can offer help in any way – do that. It is better to deal with a situation tactfully rather than creating a hostile environment. Although we do strongly believe you learn how separate your personal and professional lives in order to make sure a problem at any of these does not affect the other. But hey, we’re all human and sometimes have bad days.


Keep a united front:


Remember always that you are all on the same team. Every job description mentions ‘team player’ as a quality they would like from their employees. We are in no way discrediting people who work better individually with their own rules but you should always be involved with your team and not close yourself off too much, if you want to achieve great professional success, at many points in this journey you will have to work with other people as a team so it is important to expose yourself on that front as well. Throwing around ideas and collaborating with your teammates creates a comfortable and motivating work environment for everyone.


That is it for today folks! See you on our next blog. Until then, Stay Home, Stay Safe.


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