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5 reasons why Companies should have Internship programs

According to a survey, around 40% of the company’s employee strength comes from its internship programs. Interns bring in a fresh perspective, new ideas and new ways to tackle day to day tasks. Having an intern join the team also helps the current members as there is always something new you can learn from everyone. New ideas and perspectives may inspire current employees.

A fresh point of view never hurts anyone, the more the ideas the better the growth. We at SKS Enterpprises have always had our floor open for young minds out there who want to learn new things and wish to have that corporate experience. All year long we welcome interns through our Summer, Fall, and Winter internship programs and the experience has always been rewarding.

We welcome talent from every educational background and introduce them to the wide-ranging world of Human Resources. Hence, today we are here to break down exactly why it is beneficial to have internship programs for any organization.

Get your Brand out there:

With the help of the varied range of Internship programs that your company provides, your brand name will reach the maximum number of people out there from various fields. For someone out there, this internship may be the door to a world that they never knew existed.

Easiest Way to get New Talent:

Rather than taking hundreds of interviews that perhaps didn’t lead you any closer to finding the right fit for your company than before, internship programs may just bring that person to your doorstep. You find talent in the most unexpected places and unless you open your doors to the possibility.

Extra set of hands never hurt anyone:

Having interns as a part of the team helps divide the work making sure there is not too much burden on any particular person. Simpler tasks can be handled by the new interns who are eager to understand the workings of the field. Having the nitty-gritty taken care of, current employees can focus on much complex tasks that will overall result in the best possible outcome.

Opportunities for current employees:

Having interns in the team gives the current employee’s management opportunities and employers to determine which person would be best suited for a leadership role. Mentoring and Managing is not as easy as it sounds, in order to select an efficient leader you must know for sure that they possess the ability to lead, motivate and guide their members regardless of any situation that may come. A good leader brings out the best in his/her team.

Pocket Friendly:

Internships can be very pocket friendly for the companies, an extra pair of hands, a fresh perspective and a well of motivation all combined in one and not a dent in the pocket! What can be better than that?!

Let us know in the comments below whether your company has Internship programs and how did that work out for you. See you on our next blog. Until then, Stay Home, Stay Safe

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