Hey, We Have Been Looking For You! – How To Attract Passive Candidates

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What is a Passive candidate?

A passive candidate is someone an employer is considering for a certain position, but who is not actively seeking a new position.

We are constantly hearing about the ongoing active vs passive candidates’ discussion and how passive candidates are not actually passive. Confusing isn’t it? Let’s simplify it, shall we? The most in-demand talent out there aren’t regularly surfing on job boards. They are generally content with their role and responsibilities in their current organization, but if they come across an offer, they are willing to speak with the recruiters. These passive candidates are the ones you should be rigorously recruiting.

Following are a few tips on how you can attract those passive candidates and have the best talent onboard your organization:

Provide a performance-based job-description:

Your job description should be designed in such a way that it automatically weeds out candidates who are not qualified/suitable for the role. When you know the crowd you want to attract, you should provide the detail of the job with such finesse that it automatically catches the attention of the presumably passive candidates that you are targeting. Remember to design your requirements based on the results you want and not just the qualifications a person may have.

Make them see the opportunity you are providing as a long-term fix:

In order to attract these passive candidates, you need to market your organization and the opportunity you are providing as a long-term endeavor where they can grow career-wise. Superficial reasons are not the way to attract these passive candidates.

Determine that ‘ONE’ thing:

What is that one thing that will definitely make your company stand out? It can be multiple factors or even just one. Determine those and put them across for the talent pool you want to attract. A passive candidate already has a satisfactory job role/ position with his current organization, but if he/she comes across a more challenging role that YOU are providing with better compensation and a good work/life balance, then he/she is bound to be interested.

Persistence is the way to go:

Don’t stop after just the introductory email. If he/she is not interested in the opportunity this month, they may be open later. Now, here we need to tell you that there is a huge difference between being persistent and pestering someone. A good recruiter is never pestering. He/she knows how to keep the communication line open without being overbearing.

Always build good relationships:

Always build good relationships with the people you are recruiting by keeping transparency and maintaining excellent communication bridges. Even if things do not work out now, manage to leave a good impression of yourself and your organization. Maybe sometime later, the candidates themselves might seek you out. Building relationships is an essential part of the Human Resource industry.

Well folks, we hope these tips help you bring in the best talent for your organization. If you require any assistance in that department, just remember SKS Enterpprises is exactly what you need. We help you bring in the best talent. For more details please feel free to visit our website www.krsrk.co.in

See you on our next blog. Until then, Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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