Master of Working from Home

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Jack of the Office

Master of Working from Home

Tips and Tricks to keep spirits high and have 100% productivity while working from home.

The recent global scenario has had us all go into self-quarantine (which if you aren’t doing yet, please start doing so). A phenomenon that was almost rarity for most of us is now our reality. Working from home once in a while feels great. We can all agree on that because you can leisurely go about with your morning chores without having to worry about reaching the office on time. You feel at ease in your comfy clothes and think to yourself, ‘Isn’t working from home just the BEST?’ 

Week 3 into Self Quarantine (for us here)  and it is safe to say that we all really miss the hustle-bustle. Consuming all the news worldwide and being confined within your four walls can get your spirits a little low, but we must not succumb to that feeling. Now is the time when we must as a community, keep going.

We know, we know, just saying ‘Keep your spirits high’ is not enough, which is why we have come up with a few tips and tricks to make sure how you can be 100% productive while working from home:

  • The Work Island:

  • Having a designated space to work is really important, and this space should not be where you sleep. Your bed cannot be your workspace and vice versa. We strictly advise keeping these two separate for everybody’s benefit.
  • Declutter that desk:

  • Now that we have got the whole ‘having a designated Work Space’ out of the way, next up is making sure that your desk resembles a desk and not a junkyard.
  • Only keep the essentials on your desk,  the cleaner your surroundings the better you’ll be able to concentrate.
  • Man with a Plan:

  • When we are as deep into self-quarantine as we are now, days start becoming blurry, but we absolutely cannot have that.
  • Hence, keep a do-to list, plan your day, note down agendas, and help yourself categorize everything.
  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind:

  • Working from home can affect your diet, so make sure you get in all that green during this quarantine. If you feel good, you’ll be able to work better. 
  • Adopt a simple exercise routine, whatever works for you: yoga, simple stretches, anything. Taking out 15 minutes of your time every day, for yourself, your mental well being will work wonders. A Healthy mind is much more productive.

We hope this helps you, please leave a comment below, if you tried any of the tips and how it has made a difference. See you soon with our next blog, until then, Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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