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How to use LinkedIn like a Pro

Linkedin is  THE biggest professional platform right now. If used correctly, it can open whatever doors you dream of and really boost your professional journey.

One can even say that Linkedin is the exact opposite of any other social media platform as here you DO want people to take you seriously. You want to be visible to all those megafirms out there. Let us then walk you through how exactly you can make the maximum use of this platform to get the desired outcome.

Here are 4 ways to polish that profile:

  • Turn heads with the Headline:

When someone does a search, only your Name, Photo and the Headline which is listed below the photo will be seen. So it is imperative that your headline should stand out, highlighting exactly what you do and what you are looking out for.

  • Stay Updated:

Your profile must be regularly updated, making it easier for any prospective opportunities out there to be able to distinguish you amongst the crowd as a candidate with great potential.

  • Less Is More:

Mention each and every professional milestone in such a way that it is crisp and clean. Defining your roles and responsibilities clearly is much more welcomed than some of those lengthy paragraphs we see out there.

  • The Connection Combination:

Grow your connection as it will ultimately help you when you are looking out for a change, don’t be hesitant to forward your profile to a connection if you feel they might be the link to your dream job. Linkedin is a very inclusive community and everybody is happy to extend a helping hand.

That is it folks, we hope these tips help you explore all the opportunities that are out there. Since we are already on the subject of finding your dream job through Linkedin, be sure to check out our Page SKS Enterpprises – Linkedin Page, we might just happen to have what you are looking for!

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