How to Handle Mental Health Sensitivity at the WorkspaceMental Health at workplace, workplace sensitivity

We are fortunate enough to live in an age where conversations about and surrounding mental health are not frowned upon but encouraged. A person’s mental well-being contributes greatly to their life and how they handle each and every situation since work is such an integral part of our life, it goes without saying that it is bound to be affected if an individual is not in the correct headspace. An unhappy and unhealthy work environment creates a mental burden that affects the performance of the employee as an individual and the growth of a company as a whole.

By educating your employees about the importance of mental health and talking to your managers and supervisors on how to spot the initial signs of someone facing mental illness so they can better assist their team in dealing with those challenges. Healthy employees, not just physically but more importantly, mentally are more likely to make meaningful contributions to the growth of the company.

How can you do this you ask? Following are the ways in which you can make sure your company is able to create mental health sensitivity at the workplace:

Say no to the Stigma:

The first step to opening that door of conversation is by making sure you recognize that mental illness is something that is real, and anyone, regardless of age and gender can fall victim to it. By destigmatizing mental health challenges, opening a forum where you educate and discuss it with your employees and ensuring that help will be made available, is a step in the right direction.

Loyalty is a two-way street:

Just like you expect your employees to be loyal towards the company, make sure you extend the same support to them as well. If in a difficult situation, make sure you too, have your employees back and encourage self-care within the organization.

Transform negatives into positives:

Learn how you can transform the self-doubt with your employees into self-confidence. If the employees are aware that if they are facing issues with mental health, but there is a support system they have within the company they are more likely to be effective in their roles as they are less stressed.

Respect your employees:

Respect is very important, never make your employees feel like they are less than or have something to prove to you, instead put the focus on how their work is something that is valuable and adds to the overall growth of the company. Address them as individuals, by their name and maintain eye contact to make them feel seen. Encourage them to do their best and compliment them when they deserve one. Withholding praise does not motivate one to do better but rather discourage them.

In conclusion, we would say that by creating awareness and discussing mental illness, just keeping that door of conversation open can improve employer-employee relationships leading ultimately to increased productivity and steller work. 

That is it for today folks, see you on our next blog, Until then, Stay Home, Stay Safe.


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